Calinon, S., Epiney, J. and Billard, A. (2005)
A Humanoid Robot Drawing Human Portraits
In Proc. of the IEEE-RAS Intl Conf. on Humanoid Robots (Humanoids), Tsukuba, Japan, pp. 161-166.


This paper presents the creation of a robot capable of drawing artistic portraits. The application is purely entertaining and based on existing tools for face detection and image reconstruction, as well as classical tools for trajectory planning of a 4 DOFs robot arm. The innovation of the application lies in the care we took to make the whole process as human-like as possible. The robot's motions and its drawings follow a style characteristic to humans. The portraits conserve the esthetics features of the original images. The whole process is interactive, using speech recognition and speech synthesis to conduct the scenario.

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When the robot recognizes a face in its field of view, it first grabs a snapshot of this face and extracts the relevant features and contours characterizing it. The robot then grabs a pen and start drawing the user's portrait, starting from the rough contours and adding details iteratively.

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