Xue, T., Girgin, H., Lembono, T. and Calinon, S. (2023)
Demonstration-guided Optimal Control for Long-term Non-prehensile Planar Manipulation
In Proc. IEEE Intl Conf. on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), pp. 4999-5005.


Long-term non-prehensile planar manipulation is a challenging task for robot planning and feedback control. It is characterized by underactuation, hybrid control, and contact uncertainty. One main difficulty is to determine contact points and directions, which involves joint logic and geometrical reasoning in the modes of the dynamics model. To tackle this issue, we propose a demonstration-guided hierarchical optimization framework to achieve offline task and motion planning (TAMP). Our work extends the formulation of the dynamics model of the pusher-slider system to include separation mode with face switching cases, and solves a warm-started TAMP problem by exploiting human demonstrations. We show that our approach can cope well with the local minima problems currently present in the state-of-the-art solvers and determine a valid solution to the task. We validate our results in simulation and demonstrate its applicability on a pusher-slider system with real Franka Emika robot in the presence of external disturbances.

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