Billard, A., Calinon, S. and Guenter, F. (2006)
Discriminative and Adaptive Imitation in Uni-Manual and Bi-Manual Tasks
Robotics and Autonomous Systems, 54:5, 370-384.


This paper addresses the problems of what to imitate and how to imitate in simple uni- and bi-manual manipulatory tasks. To solve the what to imitate issue, we use a probabilistic method, based on Hidden Markov Models, for extracting the relative importance of reproducing either the gesture or the specific hand path in a given task. This allows us to determine a metric of imitation performance. To solve the how to imitate issue, we compute the trajectory that optimizes the metric, given a set of robot's body constraints. We validate the methods in a series of experiments, where a human demonstrator teaches through kinesthetic a humanoid robot how to manipulate simple objects.

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