Birk, A., Doernbach, T., Mueller, C.A., Luczynski, T., Gomez Chavez, A., Koehntopp, D., Kupcsik, A., Calinon, S., Tanwani, A.K., Antonelli, G., di Lillo, P., Simetti, E., Casalino, G., Indiveri, G., Ostuni, L., Turetta, A., Caffaz, A., Weiss, P., Gobert, T., Chemisky, B., Gancet, J., Siedel, T., Govindaraj, S., Martinez, X. and Letier, P. (2018)
Dexterous Underwater Manipulation from Onshore Locations: Streamlining Efficiencies for Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicles
IEEE Robotics and Automation Magazine (RAM), 25:4, 24-33.


Underwater manipulation is a challenging problem. The state of the art is dominated by Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV). ROV operations typically require an offshore crew consisting of at least an intendant, an operator, and a navigator. This crew often has to be duplicated or even tripled due to work shifts. In addition, customer representatives often wish to be physically present offshore. Furthermore, underwater intervention missions are still dominated by a significant amount of low-level, manual control of the manipulator(s) and of the vehicle itself. While there is a significant amount of research on Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV) in general and there are even already fieldable solutions for inspection and exploration missions, there is still quite some room for adding intelligent autonomous functions for interventions. We present here work to reduce the amount of robot operators required offshore - hence reducing cost and inconveniences - by facilitating operations from an onshore control center and reducing the gap between low-level teleoperation and full autonomy.

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