Canal, G., Pignat, E., Alenya, G., Calinon, S. and Torras, C. (2018)
Joining high-level symbolic planning with low-level motion primitives in adaptive HRI: application to dressing assistance
In Proc. of the IEEE Intl Conf. on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), pp. 3273-3278.


For a safe and successful daily living assistance, far from the highly controlled environment of a factory, robots should be able to adapt to ever-changing situations. Programming such a robot is a tedious process that requires expert knowledge. An alternative is to rely on a high-level planner, but the generic symbolic representations used are not well suited to particular robot executions. Contrarily, motion primitives encode robot motions in a way that can be easily adapted to different situations. This paper presents a combined framework that exploits the advantages of both approaches. The number of required symbolic states is reduced, as motion primitives provide ``smart actions'' that take the current state and cope online with variations. Symbolic actions can include interactions (e.g., ask and inform) that are difficult to demonstrate. We show that the proposed framework can adapt to the user preferences (in terms of robot speed and robot verbosity), can readjust the trajectories based on the user movements, and can handle unforeseen situations. Experiments are performed in a shoe-dressing scenario. This scenario is very interesting because it involves a sufficient number of actions, and the human-robot interaction requires to deal with user preferences and unexpected reactions.

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Video credit: Emmanuel Pignat

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